Mulassis geometries

On this page, the geometry is defined for the SEPEM shielding analysis tool (click here for a detailed description) based on Mulassis.

Shielding geometry

The geometry is defined by specifying a sphere or slab configuration, and the number of shielding layers. For each layer, the shielding material and thickness (and thickness units) have to be specified. The NIEL curve is used to calculate non-ionising dose. The material selection list is the NIST list used in Geant4.


The user should specify a name for the geometry which will be used as a label and a description for future reference. The geometry parameters are stored in the database when the Store Geometry button is pressed. The geometry name cannot be left blank. If a Mulassis geometry with the same name is already stored in the database by the current user, the stored parameters will be over-written.

Last modified on: 3 October 2011.